Târgul de Carte de la Leipzig - 2019

Catalogul Ministerului Culturii al Republicii Albania la Târgul de Carte de la Leipzig, 2019. Coperta și paginile 6-7.

The Father”* – a novel about the fatality of vengeance and the inglorious humanism of anonyms (in Romanian Language)

‘The father was so pure, that you sometimes felt like killing him’ – this is one of the key phrases of this novel written in the Albanian language, in Bucharest (2003). A sexagenarian father, his wife and their only son withstand a history where the dictatorship of an ideology has become a dictatorship against destiny, the dictatorship of destiny against the individual and (secretly) the dictatorship of each man against all. ‘When the ideologies only lead to utopias – often being transformed into multiple massacres – in such a way that man is satisfied with little and pleased with nothing, The Father has helped me see well-known things, but never written, and written things, but unknown on a profound level. For often, where life seems unbearable, the intensity of feelings, of questions lacking an answer, is a kind of miracle’ the author said.